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$199 + VAT 12 posts to 2 social media


$299 + VAT 20 posts to 3 social media


$399 + VAT 28 posts to 5 social media

All our social media posting include:

Our social media posting service creates posts that are published on the most popular social media platforms on a recurring basis, helping businesses increase their online presence! Original professional copy and trending hashtags are included in each one of the posts!

Original Posts Per Month 12 20 28
Social Channels 2 3 5
Trending Hashtags
Licensed Images
Scheduled Posts
3 Point Inspection
Quality Assurance Audit
Monthly Reporting
Social Posting Monthly Subscription

Our team is dedicated to your social presence. We’re trained experts in the platforms we offer social media for, which is why you can rest easy knowing we’re prepared to help.


If you want proper social media posting services, you have come to the right place. Our experienced team will get you the results you want, quickly and efficiently

Build Brand Awareness

Frequent social media posts are just another place where you can present your brand to your customers. The more they see you, the better they will remember you – and Muasasa Bahth al'Amthal team is at your service to help you ensure your brand image is consistent and that your message is well-crafted and received.

Create More Converting Opportunities

Every single post you publish represents a chance to convert a loyal follower. But in order for you to stand out in that cluttered news feed, you’ll need us to help you decide on the best image, video, or any other type of content to share.


Can you provide recommendations and references for your services?

No problem! Our years of expertise and dedication to our clients have helped us create strong relationships with numerous brands! Since they were more than satisfied with our services, they provided us with great references to reward our trustworthiness. You are more than welcome to check out some examples of our work on our website.

What kinds of businesses do you generally work with?

We generally assist small businesses from Saudi Arabia in bringing their visions into existence, however, we do work with firms and businesses of different sizes. Therefore, regardless of whether you have a startup, a small business, or an enterprise, feel free to request our services without hesitation.

What does social media marketing imply?

Put in simple terms, this specific type of marketing implies the employment of different social media platforms in order to build a stronger brand-audience relationship. Through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and the like, businesses are able to build and improve their reputation, boost their purchase rates, and draw more organic traffic to their own websites. This is achieved through regular sharing of top-notch, valuable content, remaining engaged with your brand’s followers and aware of their needs, posting advertisements on the given platforms, etc.

Why should I invest in social media marketing and can it actually help my business grow?

Naturally, every business investment is a choice, not an obligation. However, in the case of social media marketing, it has been shown countless times that not opting for it is a rather unwise decision. For example, what kind of message is a business that does not want to invest in such an important aspect of Internet exposure sending to (potential) customers? Moreover, by denying your brand this kind of online presence, you are only making it easier for your competitors.

What are the advantages of social media marketing?

By opting for social media marketing, you will be getting more organic traffic to your brand website, as well as introducing and presenting your brand to a larger audience. In addition, you will have better rankings in search engine results thereby getting higher sales rates and making sure your competitors do not steal the spotlight. Social media marketing is also a highly cost-effective way to boost your brand’s reputation and keep your existing and future followers and customers interested and satisfied with your outreach and offers.

I have already tried social media marketing, but without much success. Is it possible for me to achieve a different result if I give it another try?

A meticulously planned social media marketing campaign will produce favourable results. If your previous experience was a letdown, the reasons must be lying in the way that campaign was structured and executed. What must be pointed out here is that we can analyse the omissions and flaws in the previous marketing attempt and then suggest any necessary improvements and changes help your business bloom.

I have a social media marketing campaign currently in execution. Will you be able to take over or do I have to start from zero?

Yes, we can continue an ongoing campaign. However, it is important to mention that parts of its structure may have to be altered because we want the campaign to be as effective as possible.

Which social media platform is the best one for my brand?

The answer to this question varies and depends on the brand. Every business has a unique vision, unique preferences, ideas, offers. With that in mind, we always like to get to know our client and their brand really well before choosing a particular platform. For example, if the products or services you offer would be better presented and more appealing to the Internet audience via visual content, platforms like Instagram would be a wise move.

My business does not have any social media accounts yet. Can you set them up for me?

Of course! After we have planned a suitable social media campaign for you, we will create the necessary accounts for you (in case you do not already have them), as this is absolutely essential for targeting and building an audience, growing brand awareness, and eventually getting you to your goals.

How should I measure the success rate of my social media marketing campaign?

You can measure the success of your campaign by paying attention to changes in metrics indicating traffic, customers, leads, etc. So, it does not differ much from tracking success in other marketing activities. Increased numbers of followers and website visitors then lead to most tangible results, which are perhaps the most significant indicator of success. Naturally, we are talking about how many of them turn out to be (regular) paying customers and genuine leads, and the alteration in purchase rates.  

Is a separate budget necessary for my advertising campaign?

First, we need to emphasise that your advertising budget is not the same as our management or service fee. You will need to have a separate budget for your advertising campaign. After our meeting and when we have become acquainted with your brand and goals, we will give our estimation of a (lowest) budget that ought to get you the desired results.

Will you take into consideration my opinions in the development and execution of my social media campaign?

Yes, we do take into account your opinions as it is in our best interest to build a relationship of trustworthiness and respect with every client. We consult our clients during the process so as to develop a campaign which will both reflect their passion and ideas, and implement our professional experience.

Do you send monthly reports and what will I be able to learn from them?

Sending monthly reports certainly is part of our obligation to you as a client, as there needs to exist transparency into the progress your investment is bringing you. You will be able to be acquainted with the numbers of leads, followers, impressions (number of times your ads are viewed), website visits, etc. Moreover, since we want our clients to be able to truly rely on us, if there is a particular piece of information you want specially elaborated in your report, let us know and we will undoubtedly take it into account while writing it.

How do you regulate payments and am I obliged to keep working with you if I am unsatisfied with results?

We expect the monthly payments to be made in advance. It is also important for us to mention that we do not accept payment on performance. However, we do not lock you into a contractual obligation toward us, so you can back out at any point in case you do not find our campaign to be taking you closer to your goals. We do always advise our clients to remain patient with social media campaigns for approximately six months before drawing any fixed conclusions on their actual effectiveness.

What do social media marketing tasks include?

Many consider the job of a social media marketing team to be fairly simple, so they think that there is no need for requesting professional help. However, only professionals can know the full transformative effect that social media platforms can have when it comes to boosting business success. For example, our marketing specialists have to remain engaged with your online community and followers, raise brand awareness and properly identify your target audience and customers. In addition, they need to develop great strategies both for content and for brand promotion, while also taking into account what the audience would want to read or find visually appealing, create social media ads, keep track of the campaign progress and changing numbers, and so on and so forth. And that is just a fragment of it.

What determines the length of time it takes to see results?

The amount of time you will have to wait for visible results is dependent on a number of factors. It depends on your current brand awareness level, budget, competitors and their efforts, the industry your business belongs to, and the like. Furthermore, it also depends on the chosen areas of focus in your marketing campaign, as well as the goals you have set out to reach (more ambitious goals take longer to achieve).

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